Hunter Memorial: Volley

Hunter Memorial gives tribute to past Hunter abilities that we all loved or hate in World of Warcraft. Whether it annoys us or raises our DPS, for long time players, that certain memory of a particular hunter ability sticks with us for the rest of our lives. And what better way to start this segment than with the most popular AoE ability Hunters ever had, but was removed because Blizzard hates us; Volley.
What's Volley again? Well if you check wowhead, you won't find it. Volley is basically the bread and butter of a Hunter's AoE ability. It is a channeled spell that causes a barrage of ranged arcane damage to opponents around a particular area. In Wrath of the Lich King, where mobs usually don't need any crowd control, Volley is the primary ability us hunters use in order to jump start our overall DPS count. Back in Ice Crown Citadel, it's quite often to see a hunter cause around 15-20k DPS in one mob because of Volley. And boy do other classes ever envy us.
So why was it removed from the face of World of Warcraft? Well we can root out 3 reasons. First is because Hunters no longer use mana and Volley is arcane based, so theoretically Hunters won't be able to use it anymore (although that leaves us the question as to why Arcane Shot is still in our ability set). The second is because World of Warcraft: Cataclysm dungeons and raids require more than the usual tank and spank mechanics, even for mobs. Using Volley may lead to dire consequences such as wipes. Third, is because the ability is so damn awesome, Blizzard wants to nerf our awesomeness (of course that's just in my head).
And so now that Volley is long gone, we welcome our new AoE ability, Multi-Shot. Before it was just used as a filler for groups of 3s, but now it's been buffed up to hit all nearby enemies. And if you're a Survival Hunter, you'd know how amazing this ability has become and how it has helped as a foundation of our awesome DPS. Though we will still miss Volley and how it has allowed us to mindlessly go through dungeons and still get some kick-ass DPS.

So long and farewell, Volley. You've been a good friend to us all.


elogqewd xjmtnff

elogqewd xjmtnff

I miss it so much. My main is

I miss it so much. My main is a Hunter and good did mages hate me when dps charts for a mob fight was shown.

It's no surprise to me that

It's no surprise to me that Hunters in a 25-man ICC raid get top AoE DPS, which usually pisses off mages. Though rogues have been competitive there too, surprisingly. lol. And Pally's advantage over the undead usually proves a challenge to our supremacy. :D

Hehe, I'd be one of those

Hehe, I'd be one of those Mages. I couldn't stand getting beat by a Hunter in big AoE fights.


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