Worgen’s Racial Abilities: Awesome or just some?

Vicious and savage fury
, some of the things we don’t usually associate with the Light loving, tree hugging Alliance. But everything’s about to change for this faction as a new ally arrives to their aid. Get ready to jump into another level of awesomeness in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm with the Worgens.

Behind the mysterious Greymane wall, Gilneas has opened their gates to fight in a world that has shunned them for years. As terrains have torn asunder, threats from the Forsaken arise to conquer the Worgen’s kingdom. With the need for survival and the help of an ancient Night Elf ally, the Worgens of Gilneas now heed the call of the alliance.

Now we all know how cool a Worgen Death Knight would look, but it’s good if we know a thing or two about our feral friends. One of the most important factors in choosing a race is its Racial Trait. These are skills, abilities, and bonuses that are exclusive to specific races. The Worgen’s Racial Trait offers some pretty nifty tricks that can change the dimensions of playing WOW. These traits are mostly for PvE and PvP encounters unlike the Goblin’s utility-driven racials. It’s a bit of a letdown if you’re looking at the tip of the iceberg, but Worgens are pretty sick due to one reason: WEREWOLVES.

Two Forms - Worgens can shift into their other form in a blink of an eye with a 1.5 second cooldown.

It’s really a no brainer here. Though what’s a little bothering is that there are no bonuses given or form-advantages except for the aesthetics of seeing a wolfman Death Grip ranged opponents (YEAH!). Werewolf form is instantly activated once engaged in combat.

Dark Flight - Shifts the character into wolf form, if not one yet. Gives a 70% speed bonus for 6 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown.

This ability is pretty useful in PvP and PvE encounters. A Worgen Rogue can dash to ranged enemies with ease should they find Vanish pretty redundant. Tanks can have this as an option aside from Charge and Death Grip to instantly approach mobs and gain threats. This ability is also pretty useful when trying to gain range or escape from critical situations. When it comes to travelling the changed lands of Azeroth, increased speed is always an advantage but the cooldown is a letdown. I’d rather stick with my mounts, especially now that Blizzard finally allows flying in Azeroth!

Abberation – a passive ability that reduces the duration of all Curses and Diseases used against you by 15%.

You heard that right Warlocks and Death Knights, Worgens can bail out of debuffs a little bit faster providing another dimension in gameplay for those that cast them. It’s also a pretty useful trick when encountering the Scourge in PvE.

Viciousness: another passive trait that increases all damage dealt by 1%.

Pretty sweet for DPS and Tanks who want that added damage. The 1% can spell the difference in a raid or PvP fight. Aside from the Worgens’ stat focusing on Strength and Agility, Viciousness can give you that early-game advantage.

Flayer: Increases Skinning profession skill by 15 and allows you to skin faster than the other races.

This is good since Skinning is one of the fastest money-making professions in the game. That +15 boost can access you to better hides and leathers in the early stages of your gameplay. And yeah, for the Worgens, screw the Skinning knife! They let their claws do the skinning to scrap out resources from beasts and dragons!

We are not quite sure whether Blizzard will add more or improve the Worgen’s roster of racial abilities. Overall, these traits are okay compared to the Goblins’ as our feral fanged friends are more focused on PvP and PvE scenarios. I just wished they have abilities that regenerates their health like the Forsaken’s Cannibalize or an ability where they get stat bonuses or buff when the day turns to night (howling during a full moon?).

We’ll talk about the Goblins on our next blogpost, so stay tuned and keep on playing!


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