Goblin Racial Abilities: Time is Money

As if the Horde isn’t cool enough, we welcome the newest race going into play in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The incomparable, cheapest and shrewdest beings to walk the face of Azeroth, the Goblins! Get those rocket launchers ready as we dive into the Racial abilities of our tiny green merchants-turned harbingers of pain and money.

We all know that Goblins have been a neutral race since forever (well atleast after the 2nd War, which is forever nonetheless); but as disaster and cataclysmic changes bring about in Azeroth due to Deathwing’s re-emergence, the Goblin’s homeland of Kaza has been ravaged by a devastating volcanic eruption. Now as they struggle for survival in a place where hostile humans threaten their lives, the pointy-earned race has allied themselves with the Horde, a move that will definitely shatter the foundations of WOW gameplay and possibly leave the Alliance running home crying (what else is new?).

Though having a Goblin Death Knight disease an enemy to death would look awesome, it is important if we peek into what Goblin’s have in store in terms of Racial Abilities. Last time we discussed how combat driven Worgen’s abilities are, this time we’ll look how Goblin’s racials can shift the game into another level. The Goblins have a pretty wicked arsenal of utility-driven and combat-driven racials that have the potential to eclipse that of the Worgens and most likely every other race in the game. Why so? Well, keep on reading and I’ll let you be the judge.

Rocket Jump – Activates your rocket belt that allows you to jump forward for up to 20 yards. Rocket jump is an instant racial with a 2 minute cooldown.

Pretty cool if you want to explore terrains faster or reach places you can’t without mounts. This can also be an option for melee or tanks who want to close in the enemy quick to deliver the first strike.

Rocket Barrage – Launches a Goblin’s belt rocket to an enemy dealing propotionally huge damage depending on the level. It has a 2 minute cooldown that is shared with Rocket Jump.

The only turn off is the long cooldown. This ability seems to be a panic button when facing a mob or if you want to finish off the fight quick in some occasions. Time is Money – A passive ability that allows the Goblins to Cash in for a 1% increase of Attack and Casting speed.

The Goblin’s weren’t kidding on doing things fast. The increase can help decrease knock-back difficulties in casting spells and allows the toon to finish the fight quickly. Pair this up with Rocket Barrage and you’ll see yourself running for more mobs for some quick kills and money.

Pack Hobgoblin – Summons a companion where you can access your bank tab anywhere in the world. It is an instant ability with a 30 minute cooldown. Way better than flying 30 minutes to a capital city and 30 minutes back to your quest run.

Potentially the 2nd best ability a Goblin can offer. It’s almost as if you’re carrying extra bags on your trips. Goblins need not to worry about forgetting reagents or idle quest items or going through the hassle of flying or running to a capital city to get their PvP or PvE gear.


Put in a portable Auction house in there and we’ll start seeing a sea of green in Dalaran.

Best Deals Anywhere! – Goblins get the best possible price in any store regardless of reputation.

YES, you don’t have to grind through the Shattered Halls or any other dungeon or raid to get the lowest prices in the market. You don’t have to pay 4000g for epic flying skills (like me). But whether Goblins have access to items that need Exalted reputations, we’re not sure yet.

Unlike any other races, some of the Goblin’s racials are not immediately available. You need to gain a certain level to achieve these abilities, which is pretty fine since they are way too good to have without putting some work into it. With this new race in play,the Horde is now poised to become the most preferred faction in the game (isn’t it already?). Our green skinned money loving heroes bring their boom in the field that will send enemies crying out of jealousy or defeat. Now if only we can do something about their attitude. But hey, that’s what makes them Goblins in the first place, right?



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