Kalvarian's Corner: Stopping the Burn-Out

Do find yourself fatigued, bored, frustrated, and tired of wiping? That all familiar feeling. I've experienced it more than once and if you can notice it earlier enough you can stop it from happening.

Some of the tricks I've used to get back in the groove and making World of Warcraft fun can be found below:

Take A Break - It's just a game, raiding isn't your life. If you find yourself in a guild that won't let you take a week off from raiding you might consider looking in the mirror and deciding if you want to be pushed around.

Alternative Characters - I was never a fan of alts. I never had them, and I never cared for them. I was the person who mastered my class, had all the good gear, and didn't want to move outside of the box. Moving out of the box is not only healthy but fun. Get a twink and go do some low level Battle Grounds. I have some alts that are in guilds and others that are not. Sometimes it's good to separate yourself from your guild and get away from both the frustration and the fatigue.

BUT RAIDING - Go out and do something different than raiding, go do some pointless achievement or go mess around with friends and storm Orgrimmar. Get your mind off of raiding and enjoy yourself.

In other news, Azzor has some exciting material that you will be able to view in the coming days. If you haven't noticed our writers have been busy creating blogs and guides for Hunters, Tanks, Rogues, and Mages. We also have been cranking out guides and spreadsheets for professions and how to achieve those pesky achievements. You will continue seeing more content getting added to the site. If you have any content you'd like to see us write about please email us via the Contact Page!

Shout Out: Jay at http://wowdirectory.us/ is creating a fantastic database site to find World of Warcraft information. Luckily, for all of us information junkies, we found a guy who can keep an active database. Keep up the good work Jay!

Local/Real Life Shout Out:
I'm a Colorado native and I'm a big sports fan so how can I not mention the Melo Trade? The Denver Nuggets made the biggest trade in NBA history where Melo ended up in New York. What matters: The Nuggets are 5-1 without Melo.

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward” - Abraham Lincoln

Keep it easy. Enjoy yourself. And remember to play World of Wacraft because it's fun and not because you have people across the country yelling at you to raid.


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