Useful Mage AddOns

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Mage AddOns That Will Boost DPS and Make You More Effective

There are three AddOns that I find extremely useful for being a mage:

1) CombustionHelper - For a fire mage, this AddOn will let you know when to use Combustion. If you listen to the AddOn, and use Combustion when you have the three dots the AddOn will light up green making it easy to see when to use the skill. The author of this AddOn is active and is very helpful when bugs pop up and adding new features. You can also activate the Living Bomb tracker which lets you know what targets you have Living Bomb on and how much time is remaining.

2) Mage Nuggets - Where do I even start? This AddOn has a pile of features, if you don't like some, you can easily turn them off. This AddOn is updated frequently and an AddOn I recomend for all mages to use. It yells at me when I have a Hotstreak, Brain Freeze, Fingers of Frost -- will keep track of Arcane Blast, gives you an insight to your stats with a stat monitor, and much much more! It is more than worth your time to check it out!

3) BuffWatcher - Far too often I find mages that don't have an armor active or arcane brilliance. The DPS you lose by not having those buffs up is significant. This AddOn makes it clear and easy to see when you need to buff yourself. I would even call it slightly annoying, but that is what I want with a Buff reminder AddOn. Its job is to let you know to put your buffs on and it does exactly that. Highly recomended.


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