Achievement Hunter: Hero of the Zandalar Tribe

 Want to start achievement hunting? Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! Each week Phoenixsting will go over some achievement hunting, with tips on where to begin.

Cataclysm is almost here, so I thought I would go over one of the achievements that will be disappearing in the new expansion pack. This week I will show you how to get exalted with the Zandalar tribe.




The Zandalar tribe are located in Stranglethorn Vale and award reputation to players who kill their enemies in the Zul’Gurub raid.  They are located on a small Island in the top left hand corner of the zone. The Raid is located in the top right hand side of the zone.

There are a few ways to gain rep with the Zandalar Tribe. All of them require you to enter the raid of Zul’Gurub. Most 80’s in decent gear should be able to solo the raid, you will however need to have someone join a raid with you so you can enter the zone. It does help to have a second or third person with you as you can clear the zone faster.


Death to the Trolls

The main way to gain rep is to kill everything in Zul’Gurub. All mobs will give you rep and it varies from 3-15 rep per mob and 100 per bosses.  A full clear of the raid will get you about 2500 rep from killing the mobs.

Bijous Bijous Bijous

The second way to gain rep is to turn in items you receive in the raid. There are a variety of Bijou’s to collect. Each Bijou that you turn in gives you 75 rep and a token that you can use to gain an additional 50 rep. You can also turn in coins to Vinchaxa in sets of three to gain 25 rep and a token worth 50 rep.

To gain rep from the Bijous you must destroy them at the temple on the Zandalar Island.



If you are pushed for time you can buy these items from the AH, it can save a lot of time but can also be expensive.


There are also a few quests that you can do that will grant you nice fat chunks of Rep:

·         A Collection of Heads

  •  For this one you must kill and collect the heads of 5 of the channelers from within the raid, that’s just a matter of killing 5 of the priests in the raid. If you have trouble with one of them, you can re-use them on the different raid lockouts.

  • Each class has its own gear quests to do. You can complete these by collecting armour tokens from within the raid.

·         Inside the raid is a ghost called Zanza the Restless.

o   You can turn two items into him for 500 rep. You need to collect an idol and a voodoo doll. The Idols drop off the bosses.


o   And the voodoo dolls you get off Voodoo piles lying around the raid. Be carefull if you aren’t doing this solo as when you try to loot the voodoo pile it will mind control someone in the raid. I found as a mage I could polymorph the other person or Iceblock myself depending on who got mind controlled.


·         Hakkar

o   When you kill Hakkar he will drop his heart, you can hand this in for 500 rep. Only one person in the raid can do this though.


·         The other quests are all class specific so I recommend you head to the Island and look for quest givers.

And that’s it, Happy hunting everyone. And remember that this raid will disappear when Cataclysm hits so you have to do it before then.


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