Achievement Hunter - 5 Easy Achievements

Want to start achievement hunting? Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! Each week Phoenixsting will go over some achievement hunting, with tips on where to begin.

Hi all, just a quick word of introduction. My name is Phoenixsting and I will be taking over as the achievement and lore writer for Azzor. Feel free to leave comments or pop me a message if there is a particular achievement you have a question about or lore story you want covered. Without further ado let’s get into it.


Dual Talent Specialisation

This one is easy once you get to level 40 if you have the gold. Just visit your class trainer and fork out the 1000g for the dual talent specialisation.

Dual Talents

Going down

There are a few ways to do this one. One of the best ways is to head to Shattrath and the Scryer’s tier. Jump on the elevator and ride it to the top. When you get to the top turn around and face slightly to the right, run forward and jump, if it all goes right you should slide down the side of the Scryers tier and land with just less than 5% health. Now would be a good time to use a bandage and get your ultimate triage achievement as well. That’s two achievements for the price of one folks!


Shave and a haircut

Next time you are in a major city, why not visit the hairdressers and have a play around? You can change anything in these options to get the achievement. It’s an easy ten achievement points and if you don’t like what you have done you can always go back and change it back!


This one should be fairly simple to get if you are in a guild. Just head on over to the guild masters in the capital cities and purchase a guild tabard. If you aren’t in a guild all of the factions in Northrend will sell you a tabard when you are friendly with them.

Make Love, Not Warcraft

To nab this one just jump into a battleground and keep an eye out for dead players that haven’t released yet. You can tell if they haven’t done so because you will still be able to select their corpse. Just type /hug and you’re done. If you find you can’t type it quick enough you can always create a macro and assign it to a position on your keyboard. That way you only have to press one button when you select the enemy corpse.




Dual talent



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