Free WoW Gold Guide

There are many sources of gold guides and gold making schemes out there.  Some are free gold guides, but most of the high quality guides are pay for commercial products.

A new column we will be publishing here at will be a free gold guide and economic update.  This article will be published weekly by our newest staff member, Tella, who has created her own blog detailing her experience as she sought to achieve the per character gold cap of 214,748g on a single character.

She has since met this mark and then blew through that goal and as of the time I write this, is rapidly approaching her goal of 1 million gold!

Tella is obviously highly qualified to give excellent free advice on making gold in World of Warcraft and we here at Azzor think you will find her posts extremely informative and beneficial!

In addition to Tella's new gold making articles, we also still have our legacy WoW Economist articles and plan to bring you many more free gold making guides and articles on a regular basis.

We are also going to do professional reviews of many of the commercially available WoW Gold Guides out there for those of you who are interested in those items.

We encourage anyone with questions on different gold making strategies to contact us and we'll have Tella investigate and provide feedback!

Here is a link to Tella's first post : The Basics of Auctioneering


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