Rogue Basics

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0.1 Basics
What are the basics to being a Rogue? When I think basics I imagine the first time I played World of Warcraft and what would have been nice to know. I am going to touch on building your rogue emphasizing all the things you should take into consideration and point out the ones that are not really that important at all. I will go over training and dispell some theories and bad practices that you may have picked up over at the forums.

0.1.1 Starting Stats

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Rogue Basics
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I consider starting stats the be the least important factor. In fact they are so un-important im not going to list them. Put it this way. I stressed over starting stats when I made my first rogue. Debated for a couple of days because Night Elfs got the highest starting AGI (by about 3 pts). Now of course one single peice of armor counts that extra AGI and the actual amount of extra Agility you receive as being a Night Elf rogue will not make a difference in your DPS.

0.1.2 Racial Abilities

Night Elves

Shadowmeld - Night Elves get the ability to shadowmeld which allows any class to stealth as long as they dont move. Since rogues already receive the ability to stealth they get a passive boost to stealth. Some people have said that this is equivalent to 1 point of Master of Deception Talent.

Quickness - +1% to dodge is nice for rogues since we dont absorb damage very well. However its also a curse when you consider warriors get abilities that specifically take advantage and punish rogues for dodging.

Wisp Spirit - 25% faster then normal ghost form this is great skill if you suck.


Treasure Finding - Kinda nice to find chests before others could be profitable since rogues can get to areas where normal classes cannot.

Stoneform - Grants immunity to Bleed, Poison and Disease effects. Increases armor by 5% and speed reduced to 70% of normal runspeed. This skill is iffy. Im not sure if its a curse or a blessing.


Escape Artist - Allows the rogue to break out of Root or Snare effects. It has a 1.5 second cast and cool down of only a minute so it can come in handy instead of trying to anticipate attacks and keep the write equiptment on.


Will of the Forsaken - Considered by many to be an over powered ability (mostly priests and warlocks) allows you to become immune to fear, sleep and charm effects for 20 seconds. It has a 2 minute cooldown. This ability gives undead rogues a significant 1-up on certain caster classes that can keep you fear / charmed just as much as you could stun lock them.

Underwater Breathing - Increased by 400% makes underwater quests and fighting alot easier for you. Once you get used to this racial ability its hard to give it up.

Cannibalize - The sound for this trait was recently changed. Instead of sounding like your munching on a triscuit it sounds more like your slurping up some jello. Great skill to help releive the use of bandages and consumption of food.


Berserking - Recently fixed so that it can now be activated when "wounded" it allows for an incraese to melee and spellcasting speed by 25% for 20 seconds. 2 min cool down. I am not sure if this stacks with slice and dice or blade furry but if it does. Woah..... ~Neo

Regeneration - 10% Health Regen bonus it remains active during combat. This is a subtle skill that you wont appreciate until you win a fight with only a couple of HP left.

Beast Slaying - Passive ability to do 5% more damage bonus to beasts. Not really overly useful to a rogue except in grinding on beast mobs. Chances are you wont notice the effects of this one.

Throwing Weapon Specialization - Not sure how much of a difference this one makes. Its insignficant either way as throwing weapons will not generate the bulk of your damage.


Hardiness - 25% resistance to stun and knockout effects. This trait is useful against other rogues but its doubtful that youll notice the effects in day to day combat.

0.1.3 Combat
Well you made your rogue and watched the nice intro trailer for your race. You've even gone ahead and collected the first couple of quests you noticed. On your hotbar you will notice the abilities Attack, Sinister Strike, and Eviscerate.

Looks kinda like this.

The attack icon will actually look a bit different. Before you go into combat know this: The rogue uses opening moves to build combo points which he then spends on finishing moves.

Basic Combat at level 1 however works like this. Engage the mob, use sinister strike several times til 1-5 bubbles are lit around your enemies target frame. Then execute Eviscerate. Rinse and repeat. As you level you will be able to train new abilities that you can tie in to combat.

0.1.4 Training
One of the first quests you receive is to visit your trainer. He lets you know that he has your back and will help you learn all your new skills... for a price. Dont throw away the trash loot (gray items) collect it all and sell it to vendors, then hit your trainer at every even level. 2,4,6.... do i really need to be going over this?

Well if you got this far your questing, killing, and leveling up. Looks like you got the basics under your belt. Perhaps though you thirst for a bit more knowledge. Keep reading :-)

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