Ragefire Chasm

A Guide to Ragefire Chasm Written by Mr Kiggles 1. Overview of Ragefire Chasm 2. Quests Involving Ragefire Chasm 3. The Layout of Ragefire Chasm 4. Notable Item Drops 5. Contact Info

1. Overview of Ragefire Chasm

Ragefire Chasm consists of a network of volcanic caverns that lie below the orcs' new capital city of Orgrimmar. Recently, rumors have spread that a cult loyal to the demonic Shadow Council has taken up residence within the Chasm's fiery depths. This cult, known as the Burning Blade, threatens the very sovereignty of Durotar. Many believe that the orc Warchief, Thrall, is aware of the Blade's existence and has chosen not to destroy it in the hopes that its members might lead him straight to the Shadow Council. Either way, the dark powers emanating from Ragefire Chasm could undo all that the orcs have fought to attain. Location: Orgrimmar Level 13-15 10 Player Limit

2. Quests Involving Ragefire Chasm

Quest Name - Quest Giver - Quest Giver's Location - Quest Ender - Quest Ender's Location - Side Specific Required Items/Required Slayings Quest Info, which could include info on a boss, tactics on how to defeat them, or where to find a certain item that is needed for a bounty quest. Note that if the Quest Ender is the Quest Giver, then they will not be noted. Testing an Enemy's Strength - Rahauro - Elder's Rise in Thunder Bluff - Horde Slay 8 Ragefire Troggs Slay 8 Ragefire Shamans This quest is pretty simple. You should come upon the Troggs on your way into the chasm, and they are quite plentiful at that. They stick in groups, but nothing that a five-man group cannot handle. Searching for the Lost Satchel - Rahauro - Elder's Rise in Thunder Bluff - Maur Grimtotem - Ragefire Chasm - Horde Another simple quest. At the small open area with the Troggs, find the small winding path on the right that leads back north. Take that path up the side of the cavern to find three Troggs standing over a dead Tauren body. Fight them off, then retrieve the satchel. You will be given a quest to return it to Rahauro. The Power to Destroy... - Varimathras - Royal Chamber in the Undercity - Horde Spells of Shadow Incantations from the Nether This quest may or may not be completed in one run, though it usually is. You need to find the Spells of Shadow and the Incantations from the Nether. Both books are random drops from any of the Searing Blade members within Ragefire Chasm. Usually, it drops off the Warlocks. If you don't get all the drops, then you may have to do another run through to get them, unfortunately. Slaying the Beast - Neeru Fireblade - The Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar - Horde Your mission here is to slay Taragaman the Hungerer and bring his heart back to Neeru. Not too difficult, as Taragaman is just an oversized Felguard with a few skills. Just be sure to fight him in the center of the little "island", and watch out for adds. If one should accidentally fall into the lava, it may just wipe the group prematurely. Hidden Enemies - Thrall - Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar - Horde Another quest to slay named creatures within the dungeon. This time, your targets are Jergosh the Invoker and Bazzalan. Jergosh the Invoker is at the end of the dungeon following the brightly lit, straight-forward path. To reach Bazzalan, however, you may have to backtrack a bit. Stay on the northwestern path, and look for a small path up into the cliffs behind where Jergosh stood. Fight your way up, and find Bazzalan the Satyr in the back. Note that to gain this quest, you must have done the previous line that Thrall gives, that has the same name as this quest. Once you finish this one, you must head back to Neeru Fireblade and speak with him once more before coming back to Thrall to get your reward.

3. The Layout of Ragefire Chasm

For this run, let us assume the group consists of: Warrior Mage Priest Rogue Shaman And also let us assume they are all level: 14 As you enter Ragefire Chasm, you should see some Earthborer's and a rather large Molted Elemental. Test out your group's power by eliminating all of these miniscule threats. Slowly advance your way southwards, slaying the Earthborers that lie in your way. Watch out, as they can poison you. Though not deadly, all poisons are annoying. Anyways, once you reach the rock bridge, you should see lava on both sides of you. Continue until you meet the Troggs. Normally, the Troggs group in numbers, from 2 to 4. The first group should have about 3. Now is when you test the mettle of your group. Be sure to have the Mage Polymorph one of the Troggs. Everyone that is not a Mage should remember: Mages can only Polymorph Beasts and Humanoids. Have the Warrior charge in first, so they will grab initial aggro, then polymorph a target. Remember to set a target beforehand, so the Warrior doesn't hit the target and break the polymorph! Shamans should lay down Strength of Earth to assist the Warrior and Rogue in damage, and proceed to either melee the enemies or blast them with lightning. If any mob ever goes off the Warrior, the Main Tank, it is your job as the Off-Tank to grab that mob's aggro before they reach the casters. Thus, Earthshock+Rockbiter should do the trick. Rogues always have the job of jumping the enemy the tank is on, or assisting the casters should they be in trouble. Rogues should also act as scouts when the group is not in combat. Scout ahead, while stealthed of course, and see which is the best way to head. Now, as you clear this landing of all Trogg infestations, look to the right (westward) You should see two paths. The northern one of them leads to Maur Grimtotem, the one carrying the Lost Satchel. Fight up the hill until you reach the little cave entrance. There should be Oggleflint and two other troggs in there. This should be nothing you haven't handled before. Warrior charges in, attacks Oggleflint and drops a Demoralizing Shout as one of the adds is polymorphed. Slay with ease. Once you have the satchel secured, continue on your way. Now is the time to take the other path westward, unless, by some weird chance, you have not slain 8 Troggs and 8 Shamans. If you haven't met your quota yet, you can take the southeastern path to meet more Troggs. Otherwise, westward we go! Take the other path, past a stray Earthborer or two. Once you reach the giant room of Molten Elementals, remember that the Mage can no longer polymorph adds to save the group. Be careful of pulls, and don't pull a Leeroy. Your groupmates will hate you eternally. Otherwise, this should be a cinch after your previous jobs. After passing the broken elemental bodies, you should come into a rather large cavern with crisscrossing bridges and lots of lava. Remember, lava is not healthy for you. It is best to avoid jumping into the lava. For your own health ;) And I reccommend that the Priest or Shaman NOT ressurrect any idiot that does jump into the lava. That is their own fault. Here, you should see some of the Searing Blade. Orcs they are, one and all. There are many patrollers that walk along the bridges, from group to group. The safest way to do this is to pull one group when the patrol is away, then walk back a few steps. Fight them there. These guys are nothing exceptional. Just remember they have a few annoying moves. The Warriors can stun you with a shield bash, while the Warlocks can stand back and throw Shadowbolts at you. You also have to contend with a few, thankfully non-elite, Voidwalkers. These guys should be no problem at all. Have the Rogue/Mage quickly finish them off before focusing on the others. The safest way to do this is to clear a small group, then wait for patrollers to come and take them out before advancing. Then again, it may take quite a while, so for the impatient, continue quickly. When you have cleared the second "island", you should see Taragaman the Hungerer. Here is another quest to fulfill, and this is one Felguard you should be careful around. He has quite a few nasty surprises. One of them is to knock you backwards, with a slight chance you COULD fall into the lava. It is best for the Warrior and Rogue to combat him while standing in the center of the "island". Mage/Priest/Shaman should stand back on one of the cleared bridges and blast away. Also, Taragaman has a Fire Nova spell, where he blasts all nearby enemies with a heafty dose of fiery wrath. The casters, standing back, should be unaffected, but it could potentially be deadly to your melee players. Once he succumbs, which should not be too long, divide up the loot and continue. At this point, you can take the western path, clear the "island", and choose to either tackle Bazzalan or Jergosh the Invoker. Let us assume that you are going to take Bazzalan as well, but Jergosh is your first target. Continue on the rock bridges southward. This should be no trouble after Taragaman and your previous fights. Once you reach good, solid ground with no lava, look for Jergosh. You should see the Warlock with two bodyguards. Fight your way close to him, and prepare. He is simply a powerful Warlock, but he hits pretty hard with his staff. This will be a good place to use a Rogue's Sap ability. Normally, I would not reccommend that in a place where the Rogue does not yet have Improved Sap and is at danger of the mobs stunning and hurting him quite a lot. However, this is isolated, there is no lava, and your Mage can polymorph. Plus, it's an easier instance; mistakes aren't as deadly as they are in the higher end instances. Your first target is Jergosh. Have the Warrior prepare to charge while the Rogue gets into position. Have him Sap one of the bodyguards while the Mage polymorphs the other. The Warrior charges in and prepares to give Jergosh the beating of his life. Remember Shield Bash. It is a very useful skill. Once he begins to cast, press it like it's your PANIC BUTTON! This should keep him from doing much damage to you. Once he falls, take out the sheeped mob first. Have the Mage polymorph the Sapped mob and finish him off at your leisure. Well, now for your last target. Bazzalan. Head back to Taragaman the Hungerer's body for the easiest explanition on how to get to Bazzalan. Head westward over the stone bridge, and then hug the wall. Follow the small, almost invisable ramp upwards. You should see some more Cultists and Enforcers. Fight your way up, and remember to fight close to the wall. Some freak accident could happen, resulting in someone dropping down. Not a good idea. Keep going forward until you reach Bazzalan. Bazzalan, a Satyr, its quite easy to slay. Repeat tactics used on Jergosh to finish this quest. Once completed, you are home free. Hearth, or walk, out of Ragefire Chasm. Give yourself a pat on the back. Orgrimmar is safe... for now.

4. Notable Item Drops

For those who do not know, many instance bosses have a few Bind on Pick Up items that they drop, which are usually very good items for their level. Those items will be listed under Notable Item Drops. Of course, world drops may come from here as well, and the numerous "greens" and rare blues... but those are by the fortune of Lady Luck. Taragaman the Hungerer Jergosh the Invoker Subterranean Cape - Taragaman the Hungerer Back 16 Armor +2 Strength +2 Agility Requires Level 13 Crystalline Cuffs - Taragaman the Hungerer Wrist Cloth 14 Armor +1 Intellect +2 Spirit Requires Level 13 Cursed Felblade - Taragaman the Hungerer Main Hand Sword 16-31 Damage 2.60 Speed 9.0 DPS Chance on hit: Reduces target enemy's attack power by 15 for 30 sec. Requires Level 13 Cavedweller Bracers - Jergosh the Invoker Wrist Mail 71 Armor +1 Strength +2 Stamina Requires Level 13 Robe of Evocation - Jergosh the Invoker Chest Cloth 32Armor +3 Stamina +4 Intellect Requires Level 13 Chanting Blade - Jergosh the Invoker One Hand Dagger 9-18 Damage 1.50 Speed 9.0 DPS +1 Agility +1 Stamina Requires Level 13

5. Contact Info

Please send me an email if you have found: Typo NPC I missed XP Amount for completing a quest Quest item is missing Quest is not found Quest is placed twice My email is: mrkiggles@gmail.com Thanks for reading the guide. Please send any comments or suggesstions for improving this guide. Back to World of Warcraft Instances



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