World of Warcraft Azzor is always looking for new people to help run the site.


Azzor was build from the ground up with the community in mind, and the community plays a huge role in the success of the site. It's our goal at Azzor to make opportunities for everyone to contribute to the site. We realize that not everyone has the time to adequately fulfill the duties of a staff member. So, we have created a variety of ways in which YOU can contribute. By the community, for the community - thats our motto.

Forum members -are those people who have chosen to take the time and fully explore what Azzor has to offer. They contribute to the forums in a mature manner, and help to continually improve the Azzor experience

Azzor Promoter -This was one of those positions designed for members who have the dedication to be a staff member, but just don't have the time or expertise at the moment. The Azzor Promotor Group allows those people to take an active role in the improvement of the site, but without a daily commitment.

Content Contributor - Our staff content editors are [always looking for feedback and contributions to their sections. A content contributor is someone who assists in the further development of Azzor's resources. Whether it be fixing a typo, contributing a guide, uploading some quality screenshots, or simply informing a content editor of a new technique, content contributors play a vital role at Azzor.

Each of these positions is vital to the success of Azzor. This network couldn't exist without any of them! We hope you join us, and become a contributing Azzor member today.


If interested in helping out Azzor or becoming a staff member please contact us!


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