Original FAQ by Alumriel based on format and text from Zarzz and Draznar.

This FAQ is dedicated to Draznar (and Zarzz) and their efforts to bring organized information to the profession community, and to Alumriel for the original compilation of Alchemy data.

Many thanks to anyone who has contributed to this FAQ and Draznar’s FAQs and other forum posts.

Where can I read the official details about Alchemy?



What about “Unofficial” details?

Obviously, this FAQ.

A must read is Draznar’s Trade Skill FAQ:

I also highly recommend Alumriel's Profession PDFs:

It is also suggested that you take a look at these two sites and get to know them: and

Another excellent and well-organized source of information can be found at

What's good about Alchemy?

All classes can benefit from most of the potions, elixirs, etc. that you can make with Alchemy. There is enough variety to cater to all classes.

Certain potions, elixirs and oils can be sold in the Auction House for a decent sum. Healing, Mana, Defense, Water Breathing and Swiftness are just a few examples of what you can sell. There are also some potions, elixirs and oils needed for quests throughout the game. In addition, some potions and elixirs are subcomponents in other profession's recipies (examples forthcoming). Once you identify these, you can fill a market niche for them.

What Profession type or category is Alchemy?

Primary. It does count toward your limit of two (2) Primary Professions.


How does Alchemy work with the various classes?

Alchemy works better for classes that cannot buff (or heal) themselves. Since potions and spells that do the same thing usually don't stack, classes like rogues and warriors will benefit the most from the potions/elixirs/oils made with Alchemy. Of course, they can always buy them, rather than making them. =)

What other professions does Alchemy match up with well?

[*]Herbalism: This is the ideal combination for Alchemy, since all herbs are used in Alchemy.[/list]

[*]Other Professions: Fishing is the only other Profession that works with Alchemy, since you need some fish for certain potions. Note that Fishing isn't a Primary Profession, so you can take Fishing, Alchemy and Herbalism.[/list]

I would like to learn Alchemy, who can train me?

Any Alchemy Trainer: Locate a Alchemy Trainer and ask to be trained.

You need to be level 5 before you may be trained as a Apprentice.

Alchemy Trainer Locations:

Most towns and cities have a Alchemy Trainer. Ask a guard for directions.

How do I make potions?

You must have the Alchemy Skill. Go to an Alchemy trainer and learn Apprentice Alchemy.

Next, you must have herbs and vials to make the potions. Get herbs through Herbalism, from the Auction House or from other players. Vials are available from Alchemy Supplies vendors, and sometimes from general Trade Supply vendoors.

Look in the Ability page of your "Spellbook" for the Alchemy button. Drag this to your hotbar if you like, for easier access. Once you click it, you will get a list of the recipes you know. Initially, you will have 3 - Minor Healing, Minor Defense and Lion's Strength.

Click on the name of the potion/elixir/oil you want to make. You will see in the lower part of the tradeskill window what components are required and how many you already have. If any of them are greyed out, that means you don't have enough.

Provided you have the required herbs/vial/etc, then you want to click Create. Note that you can use the left/right arrows to create more than one at a time, or you can make as many as you have materials for with "Create All". This save alot of time and clicking.

How long does it take to make potions/elixirs/oils?

A few seconds each.

Can I do anything while making potions/elixirs/oils?

Limited things: Anything that can be done while channeling a spell or summoning a pet or opening a chest can be done while creating a potion/elixir/oil. That is, nothing that involves movement, casting a spell, or combat.

Can I be interrupted while making them?

Yes. Being attacked, moving, casting, or initiating combat will interrupt the creation process.

Do potions/elixirs/oils stack in my bags or bank slots?

Yes, in stacks of 5.

What can I do with the potions/elixirs/oils once I've made them?

Use them yourself, sell them in the Auction House, or give them to friends.

Are there any restrictions on potion use?

  • Potions (and elixirs and oils) have a cool-down timer, so you can't continually imbibe healing potions during a fight for example.
  • Potions, elixirs and oils also have a minimum level for use, just an equipable item.

Can I use potions while in combat?

Absolutely, subject to the cooldown timer.

Can I put a potion (or stack of potions) on my hotbars?

Yes. In addition, putting a potion (or stack) on your hotbar will show all the potions of that type (Potion of Greater Healing, for example) which are in your inventory, not just the individual potion or stack of 5. Think of it as working like ammunition for ranged weapons.

How much can I sell potions/elixirs/oils for?

Merchant Prices: No idea. There may be some data on Thottbot.

Player Prices fluctuate. Some higher end potions can sell for a lot. Healing, Mana, Defense, Agility and Wisdom (Int) potions can sell pretty well. In addition, some quests and other tradeskill recipes require a particular potion/elixir/oil. Free Action and Swiftness potions are prized for PVP.

How do I advance my Alchemy Skill?

Make potions/elixirs/oils that are "green" or higher. Each time you make something there is a chance that you might increase your Alchemy.

The chance is related to your Alchemy level and the level of the potion/elixir/oil you are making.

Recipes are colored-coded according to the likelihood that creating them will increase your skill.

  • Orange recipes will always increase your skill when made.
  • Yellow recipes will sometimes increase your skill when made.
  • Green recipes will rarely increase your skill when made.
  • Gray recipes will never increase your skill when made.

What does advancing my Alchemy Skill do?

You can learn to make better potions/elixirs/oils, of course.

How do I get recipes for better potions/elixirs/oils?

Most recipes will come from your Alchemy trainers.

Some are dropped from mobs you kill or from opening a chest.

Others are purchased from vendors who have a limited supply. Recipes that are on a limited supply vendor will "restock" after time, so you may need to check back later or "camp" them for a while. I have no idea how long it takes to "restock".

To find out which recipes are trained/bought/dropped, check Alumriel's Alchemy PDF, or look on various websites like Thottbot or Allakhazams. Thottbot has good data, but the site at

seems to have the most detailed info on exactly where to get what. It also has links to Thottbot for precise location details.

Note - For trained recipes, pay attention to what tier the trainer is. For example, Journeymen trainers only have recipes for skill 1-75, expert trainers only have recipes for skill 80-150 and so on.

I’ve stopped getting skill points when I make something. What’s going on?

One of two things:

  • You are at the maximum points. If you have reached the maximum number of skill points for your tier, you will need to seek a trainer for the next level. See the Ranks/Levels below.
  • You are making grey potions/elixirs/oils. Try making tougher potions/elixirs/oils to advance Alchemy.

What are the different levels/ranks in the professions?

Rank (Min - Max Skills), Min Level, Cost.

Apprentice (1-75), Lvl 5, 5c

Journeyman (50-150), Lvl 10, 5s

Expert (125-225), Lvl 20, 50s

Artisan (200-300), Lvl 35, 5g

I would like to learn Apprentice Alchemy, who can train me?

Any Journeyman Alchemy Trainer: Locate one and ask to be trained.

You need to be level 5 before you may be trained as an Apprentice.

This will cost 5c.

Journeyman Alchemy Trainer Locations:

Most towns or cities have an Alchemy Trainer. Ask a guard for directions.

I am ready to train in Journeyman, who can train me?

Any Expert Alchemy Trainer: Locate one and ask to be trained.

You need to be level 10 before you may be trained as a Journeyman.

You need 50 points of Alchemy before you may be trained as a Journeyman.

This will cost 5s.

Expert Alchemy Trainer Locations:

All large cities have an Expert Alchemy Trainer. Ask a guard for directions. There are Expert Alchemy Trainers located in some towns or other spots (for example, the Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale).

I am ready to train in Expert, who can train me?

Any Artisan Alchemy Trainer: Locate one and ask to be trained.

You need to be level 20 before you may be trained as an Expert.

You need 125 points of Alchemy before you may be trained as an Expert.

This will cost 50s.

Artisan Alchemy Trainer Locations:

Ainethil in Darnassus (Alliance)

Doctor Herbert Halsey in The Undercity (Horde)

I am ready to train in Artisan, who can train me?

Only a Master Alchemy Trainer can train you.

You need to be level 35 before you may be trained as an Artisan.

You need 200 points of Alchemy before you may be trained as an Artisan.

This will cost 5g.

Master Alchemy Trainer Locations:

Kylanna Windwhisper - Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas (Alliance)

Be prepared for a long, tough and dangerous journey, if you are below 40ish. Feralas is south of Desolace and west of 1000 Needles. The easiest way is to come south from Stonetalon Mountains, through the Charred Vale, through the middle of Desolace and into Feralas. I suggest using various maps on the web to get more detailed help.

Rogvar - Stonard in Swamp of Sorrows (Horde)

This one is pretty easy to get to. Just head east from Darkshire in Duskwood (avoiding the guards), through Deadwind Pass and straight into the Swamp. Stonard is directly east.

What is a Philosopher's Stone?

A Philosopher's Stone is on object you create that is used to convert one type of metal (or Essence) into another.

The recipe for the Philosopher's Stone and the lower level Transmutations (Iron, Mithril, Thorium) are purchased from an Alchemy vendor in Gadgetzan.

There are quite a few Transmutations you can do now. Iron isn't worth transmuting, since Gold isn't all that rare. Mithril will be worth it on a young server economy, until Truesilver becomes common. Thorium will always be worth transmuting, since it is the only way to create Arcanite that I know of. As far as the Elemental transmutes, the only one worth doing is Water to Air, since Essence of Air doesn't currently drop. Unfortunately, the recipe is very, VERY hard to get.

The cooldown on Transmutations are 24-48 hours, depending on which one you do. This is for just 1 (one) item.

NOTE - The cooldown is not tied to the Stone itself. You cannot make 2 Stones and expect each to have it's own cooldown timer. Like all cooldown timers in WoW, it is a general cooldown for a specific process, not a specific item.

What is an Alchemist's Stone?

The Alchemist's Stone is a Bind on Pickup trinket that is usable only by Alchemists with 300 skill, gives 8 Spirit and adds 33% to the effect of Healing and Mana potions when drank.

Rumor has it that some skill 300 Flasks require you to have one to make the Flask.

(Alumriel) I my humble opinion, they should make the effect MUCH better, considering the items required to make it. Not to mention, there are plenty of trinkets with nice effects for lvl 60 folks.

What are Flasks?

Flasks are skill 300 potions that have much more powerful effects than "normal" potions/elixirs.

Flasks generally require 30 of one type of herb/oil, 10 of another, 1 Black Lotus (bind on pickup, skill 300 to harvest herb) and a Crystal Vial.

Flasks must be made at an Alchemist's Lab, of which the only one known is deep in Scholomance (Lich area - 60-90 minutes to clear I hear).

Flasks are one time use, just like potions/elixirs and you cannot have the effect or more than one Flask at a time.

(Alumriel) I have heard that for one Flask recipe, you also must have an Alchemist's Stone.

Check Alumriel's Alchemy PDF (link above) for specifics on their effects.

Do potions/exilirs/oils stack with each other and spells?

They will stack with other potions/elixirs/oils, but not with ones of the same line (Defense/Greater Defense) or with spells that contain the same type of effect (Defense/Demon Skin). Also, you cannot have the effect of more than one Flask at a time.


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