August 2010

Tanking Vacation: Arms PvP

Back from your fury vacation already? It sure was fun seeing all those numbers pop up all over the place every time you hit Cleave or Whirlwind wasn’t it?

But maybe you’re not ready to tank again quite yet.

Maybe you’re still craving more, I’m sure you’re itching to introduce yourself to other living, breathing digital people who’ll soon be left on the ground in little pieces in your aftermath.

So let’s take a look at the life of an Arms PvP warrior and take an extended break. Don’t worry, your raid will be there when you return.

While there are some variations in the spec based on preference, THIS is the basic spec that you’ll use. A few of the variations comes from whether or not you prefer to have Improved Hamstring in arms or Blood Craze in fury but other than that, they all play basically the same.

Cataclysm Hunter Preview: Call Pet Ability

To recap for the non-Hunter reader, "Call Pet" is an ability where the Hunter summons a pet that is not sitting idly on the stable. Though barely used because a Hunter always have his pet by his side almost all the time, a player always find it valuable to dismiss a pet on certain situations and use Call Pet to re-summon his ferocious buddy.

Cataclysm Preview: Hunter Pets Claw Their Way Back

Hunter pets have gone a long way since the humble beginnings of World of Warcraft. Back during the vanilla days, Hunter pets were treated as weak, unhelpful, aka useless due to several reasons. But as the game evolved patch after patch, expansion after the next, Hunter pets have now become an important part of a group or raid as they add buffs for your resident Hunter to dish out wicked DPS in any meter. If the Hunter is a Beast Mastery, then all the more the pet needs to stay alive or get healed (hear that raid healers?).

But Ironforge, we’ve got a problem. A hunter’s specialty is to tame various beasts all over the face of Azeroth, why are we almost always seeing the same Northrend Worg every single end-game raid that we go into?

Jewelcrafting Epic Gem Guide

New Jewelcrafters may be confused on what epic gem recipes to buy especially if you don’t have a lot of tokens yet to buy all recipes. Well, here is a chart of epic gems and which class uses it for both PvP and PvE. Disclaimer: maybe some of you may not agree that some classes use certain gems, but in the end it’s all a matter of personal preference. This chart just goes to show that people buy these gems. Just don’t buy all recipes for Eye of Zul as they are rarely bought. On the other hand, Cardinal Rubies and King’s Ambers are really popular gems. Hopefully, this will give you an idea on what recipes to buy with your tokens.You can purchase the recipes from Timothy Jones in Dalaran

If there’s anything missing, please let me know.


Cataclysm Review: The Shattering - Opening Theme

From the creative minds that brought us the devious and melancholic yet awe-inspiring melodies of Northrend comes a preview of what we will be hearing once we install Cataclysm in our system and open up the log-in screen.

Tanking Vacation: Fury


Hey you.

Yeah you, the one sitting there all bored with your weapon on the ground and your shield on your back.

You don’t look like you’re having a good time at all. Yeah, yeah, I know that you’re fine tanking and you’re perfectly willing to help out your guildies and tank runs for them and all but you’re bored.

No, don’t try to deny it. You’re speaking to a fellow tank here remember? Here in the tanking brotherhood we don’t lie to each other. We share each others burdens and try to make life bearable again so here I am, your ever faithful servant with a little series of articles to try keep you amused.

Here in this first article, we’ll deal with the most likely path you’ll take when you need a vacation from tanking those bosses and that is, of course, fury.

Inscription Gold Making Part 4 - Posting Glyphs

If you’ve started from part 1 and you’re already here, you’re on your way to getting rich using inscription. This is the last part of the Inscription Gold Making guide. Of course there will be other posts about tips and tricks. But in general, once you’ve read through part 1 to 4, you’ve already started your glyph factory. Now, this guide will be about setting Auction Profit Master so that you will be able to post your numerous glyphs with one click.
posting glyphs

Open up Auction Profit Master config by typing /apm config . We are now going to create an item group named glyphs. Press okay.
  posting glyphs

“Oh shit!” Buttons

Do you know what’s a problem that I’ve seen so many tanks have?

Something unexpected will happen in a raid and they’ll drop dead. Immediately afterward, someone will always ask the question.

“Are your cooldowns still up?” And of course, the tank replies in the affirmative which means that the death and the subsequent wipe could have been avoided.

Do you know why this happens the way it does? It’s primarily because a lot of tanks out there don’t LIKE to use their cooldowns.

Yeah I said it. I’ll say it twice if it’ll get through to you guys. Most tanks, do NOT use their cooldowns properly.

Inscription Gold Making Part 3 – Crafting Glyphs Using Auctions Profit Master

The hardest part of in making money from glyphs is identifying which glyphs sell a lot and sell often. After you’ve learned all of the glyphs from inscription research and book of glyphs, there are going to be a huge selection of glyphs to choose from. Searching them one by one and checking their prices in the auction house will make you wish you just picked a different profession instead. What’s worse is glyph prices change all the time. You wouldn’t want to waste most of your time in front of the auction house searching for glyph prices. Luckily, Auctions Profit Master was made. This addon is the ultimate life-saver for scribes. It will take care of scanning glyph prices for you, queuing glyphs to craft, and post the glyphs too!

1. Scan the auction house for glyph prices
crafting glyphs

A Walkthrough Guide for New Level 80 Rogues

In the shadows we reap, in the darkness we rise. When light comes upon those who can’t see us, it s in that very moment that the light betrays them, leads them to their impending demise. Incapacitated, invulnerable, inoculated, dead; that’s how those who dare challenge our skills end up, and that’s how they end up FAST. It is not by our toughness we rely our survival, it is not by the arcane arts we thrive to destroy an opponent, it is by the daggers we hold in our hands and by the cunningness of our techniques that we hold our ground and reign over the defeated.

We are the Rogues of Azeroth. We are here to own you all, wheter in PvP or in PvE.

New Character Bios: Jaina and Sylvanas

Countless heroes and villains have played a part in the ever-changing tableau of Azeroth’s history. In the upcoming World of Warcraft content patch, two will step forward to confront the Lich King Arthas -- one a former friend, the other a former servant -- in the Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Halls dungeon.

Learn more about Jaina Proudmoore of the Alliance and Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen of the Forsaken, on our new bio page.

A Look at the Warrior’s Talent Tree

 A Warrior inside and out knows no limits in dealing massive burst damage or mitigating attacks from opponents of all shapes and sizes. Being a Warrior requires a lot of focus from the player and enough responsibility to use a rotation that will not excessively abuse a Warrior’s source of strength, Rage. Managing Rage can become a task and a hassle if not dealt with properly, so as the swash-buckling, shield wielding harbinger of pain and protection, you’ve got to realize that with great power, comes great responsibility.

If you’re new to the Warrior business, you’ll notice that there are 2 main roles the class can do, and can do VERY well: Burst DPS and Tanking. And in doing these parts effectively will totally depend on 2 things, your gear and talent tree. Let’s talk about talent trees for now and see what each can do for you thirst for some Warrior awesomeness.

An Ode to Off-Tanks

Off-tanks are a lot like the unsung heroes in our raids aren’t they?

The main tank is the hero, for sure, hanging onto the biggest, scariest mob while the rest of the raid does their thing and where’s the off-tank in this whole thing?

He’s up there if you actually take the time to look for him. He’s up there standing right next to the main tank, not really taking much of the hits, largely feeling pretty useless unless the main tank happens to bite the bullet and then he’s got his five minutes in the sun to shine.

That’s the way that it used to be.

The role that the off-tank used to have in our raids were largely very small ones. The off-tank is the one that grabbed a lesser add or two when the fight started and then their job was done inside thirty seconds, leaving nothing for them to do until the boss died.

Cataclysm Zone Preview: Azshara Reborn

Ever since StarCraft 2 was out (Awesome game by the way, old school strategy games ROCK!) I expected to see less news on Cataclysm and the entire WOW-dom as Blizzard paves way to its newest release. I am right. But that doesn’t stop Azzor in giving you loyal fans a sneak preview of what is to come when Neltharion rocks Azeroth and the entire face of World of Warcraft gaming. So let’s get a move on with: Azshara!

The Ironforge Airport

This is a place that most people have not been to and with Cataclsym coming up, who knows if it will still be there.

Its location can be seen above if flying out of Ironforge to the Wetlands, and its very easy to get if you have slow fall or a parachute. A slow fall potion will work, too. If your in IF, go outside to the left and should see a graveyard. Once there use a slow fall potion, hop on a mount, and try to land in front of the large tree. From there just keep going up through the mountains and make your way to the IF Aiport.

Welcome LordSnow!

As you may have noticed, we have had a few guest bloggers over the past couple of months. LordSnow will be joining the staff and bringing regular tanking updates. I have enjoyed his posts thus far and look forward to many more informative and entertaining posts in the future!

LordSnow was sucked into World of Warcraft during his early years in university and hasn’t looked back since. Initially beginning his WoW career as a face melting, warlocky force of doom, he eventually got suckered into switching to his warrior as a main to support the tanking needs of his current guild.

Since then, he plays around on his warrior, longing for the simple days of being a simple warlock with simple desires.


I’m here to talk to you today about one of the unsung heroes in the protection warrior talent trees.

Taking a look at it, we can see that what it adds to the Intervene ability is a simple scaling damage reduction of 30% for the next 6 seconds. It seems a good talent on paper but the fact that it’s attached out our Intervene ability is what makes a lot of tanks hesitant to pick it up on the way down the tree.

Taking a look at Intervene, we find an ability that’s also sadly underused. Most tanks only use it for the defensive portion, to intercept one hit directed towards a fellow party member. The best part of the ability, and most often useful, by far is the 10% reduction in threat it provides.

Sadly, this isn’t an ability that you’re free to use as the main tank, namely because you always tend to be busy.


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