In-Combat Duels

Many may be aware of the patch 1.6 change which placed players in combat the entire duration of a duel. However, due to much feedback, Eyonix, Blizzard Representative, announced that the system of dueling before patch 1.6 will be restored back to how it previously was. This change is expected to be hotfixed very soon in the future. [url=http://f

Hunter Love for Next Patch

Caydiem, Blizzard Representative: The next patch is looking to have some good things for Hunters in it, and we're in the process of preparing a preview of the new Survival tree for you. A lot has changed, and while I know you'd love to hear what and when right this very instant, I'd rather wait and get as much informa

Bug Fixes soon to be Released !

There are many bugs that need fixing in World of Warcraft but here are a few Blizzard Rep posts which may be of interest to you. If your a Mac user then you may have recently encountered a few problems with 10.4 which de-stabilizes the Error Report System and then crashes your computer. This info can be found [URL=http://forums.worldofwarcraft.c

Battlegrounds Faq

Blizzard has put a new Battlegrounds faq online, to answer some of the frequently asked questions about how the battlegrounds work. Worth a read, especially if you've had problems getting into one of them.

New Content On The Way!

With my arrival here at Hellgate Azzor, I'll be bringing online some new content, aside from what Dalgar has already posted. We're staffing up, so expect some new faces around here..besides mine. :)

Free Patch Mirrors for 1.6.0

Sites which host the WoW 1.6.0 Patch for free: [URL= ][/URL] FileFront 3D Gamers [URL=

Patch 1.6.0 Live in Less than 24 Hours!

Posted by Fangtooth, Blizzard Representative:
During the Tuesday weekly maintenance, we will be releasing content patch 1.6! As a reminder, Warriors and Warlocks will have had their talent points reset. Warriors and Warlocks will need to re-allocate their talent points, by accessing the Talent panel (default key ?N?).

BlizzCon? Gaming Festival Web Site Goes Live

Blizzard announced today their new website intented for the BlizzCon Gaming Festival to be held on October 28 and 29 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Tickets will go on sale at a special BlizzCon ticketing Web site at 8:00 am PDT on July 21, 2005. 4,400 ti

Warsong Gulch Strategy Guide

Warsong Gulch is a fast paced capture the flag battleground where teamwork and coordination are not just usefu

WoW Players Remember Terror Attack Victims

A few days ago players gathered together in Orgrimmar and Ironforge for a minutes silence to remember the innocent victims of the terrorism attacks in London a few days ago. This was all organized by Bria (horde) / Silk (alliance) on the Shadowsong EU server. Thanks to Bria, Monkeynuts and Karadros we have a few screenshots to show you of the event


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