Blizzard Convention

Blizzard Entertainment have decided to put up a convenion for the fans of there game titles which includes the Warcraft Series, Starcraft titles and the famous Diablo.
Blizzard Entertainment®, Inc. is proud to announce the very first Blizzard Convention, to take place on October 28 & 29 in Orange County, California. BlizzCon? is a cel

Rumor Mill

Sneak Preview of Blackwing Lair Weapons: Click here to view pictures of supposed Blackwing Lair weapons. They have not been confirmed by Blizzard, so believe at your own risk. Night Elf Raptor Mounts: [url=

Update - Weather in WoW

A while back, we mentioned that weather was being looked into by the development team to be implemented into World of Warcraft. Today, Eyonix stated that weather is being worked on, and the progress of the effects look "phenomenal." [url=]Check

Defense Skill

Caydiem, Blizzard Representative, said today that the Blizzard Development team is currently working to enhance the user-interface of the defense attribute to include more detailed information pertaining to abilities and skills, such as defense. They would eventually like to allow for tool-tips to inform players how much ranged and magic critical c

Some Changes to come in Patch 1.7

Black Lotus Herbs: Posted by Eyonix, Blizzard Representative:
While I'm not sure of the original reasoning behind the Black Lotus herb being made bind-on-pickup, I do know that this is going to be changed for patch 1.7

Honor System Reward Items

Posted by Fangtooth, Blizzard Representative:
Honor system reward item?s rank requirement will now be based on a characters highest lifetime rank rather than the character?s current rank.
Click here to check it out.

Warlock FAQ - Revision 1.0

This FAQ is credited to all involved in relation to the thread on the Warlock Class forums at the World of Warcraft Community Site. I will Update and clean everything up that is inside but would just like to get some information posted here. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will be glad to answer to the best of my ability on the

Public Test Realm Patch Notes - 1.6.0

Click here to view the official 1.6 patch notes posted by Tyren, Blizzard Representative. They are very similiar, if not the same, to the rumored 1.6 patch notes we brought you a few days ago.
Players can participate in the te

Warsong Gulch Rewards Updated

Players who gain friendly, honored, and exalted reputation with the Warsong Outriders or the Silverwing Sentinels will be able to purchase new equipment and consumable items in patch 1.6! Check out the new rewards.
Click here to check them out.


Here are all the quests for Kharanos, Brewnall Village and the area around it. I believe that I have everyone of them, but if you find one that is added in a patch or some hidden one I missed, give me an e-mail at . Thanks! When quests have a Part - #Letter, then it is part of a string of que


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