Upcoming Alterac Valley Changes

Blizzard has a number of upcoming changes planned for Alterac Valley. The changes will be tested when the Blackwing Lair goes onto the test servers, and then go live with that patch.

No New Realms (for now)

Fangtooth has posted on the official forums that there are no plans to add new realms, as many have been hoping for. There are a number of servers with low populations, and players are encouraged to join those servers if they feel they need a change. [URL=http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-general&t=3622004&s=new&t

Group Duels

Many players think it would be an awesome idea to have group duels while waiting in long queue lines for Battlegrounds. Fangtooth, Blizzard Representative, responds to this by saying:
Group duels is an idea that has been brought up before. At this time you will have to join one of the Battlegrounds or venture to the Arena to fight groups

Gamespy Reviews Battlegrounds

Two of Gamespy's PvP veterans tell of their adventures inside Battlegrounds, and give their opinion on World of Warcraft's newest feature (including some speculation of the future). Read it here.

Honor System/Ranking guide

The official EU site has a new guide to the Honor System, and how ranks are calculated.
We now have a very helpful Honor System/Ranking Guide that will help clarify how ranks are gained and lost in the Honor System. If you have been wondering just how Honor is calculated, where you can get Honor points, how Battlegrounds and Racial Leaders wo

Expansion confirmed by EU CM

The expansion pack currently in the works for World of Warcraft was confirmed today by the European community manager, Aeus. Here is the thread. The expansion was already confirmed several weeks ago by the US community manager

Official News Roundup

[IMG2=right]http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/news/images/05-06/stardock-thumb.jpg[/IMG2]Some of the latest from the official World of Warcraft community site:

Azzor visits China

[INDENT] Azzor brings you the latest on World of Warcraft's release in China. Through our Chinese contact, "Fears", we've learned a lot of about the game's implementation in the far east. Gametime cards are being sold for 30rmb ($3.64), which gives players "600 scores" (66 hours 40 minutes) of gameplay

New Comic

MaTT has finished another edition of the Third Faction comic. In Episode 7 - Philosopher, the TTF characters do a little in-game studying...

2 million mark surpassed

We're excited to announce that with the addition of the new PvP battlegrounds, World of Warcraft has now reached two million worldwide subscribers! We'd like to thank all of our players for helping us achieve this milestone, and we look forward to continuing to support the game with vast new content in the months ahead.


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