Putting an end to "Will it run on my PC?&quot

Check out Window's Game Advisor for WoW, where your PC will be analyzed to reveal your expected gaming performance on World of Warcraft based on your PC specs. The service used - PC performance analysis technology from Futuremark Corporation - is free

Druid News

While all classes are being looked into constantly, Caydiem, Blizzard Representative, mentioned that Hunters and Druids are currently at the top of the developers' priority list. Posted by Caydiem:
While I'm not positive as to the precise nature of the Druid changes on the way, I do know they're looking to make the Fera

Battlegrounds Info

Over at worldofwarcraft.com they have a new battlegrounds page up which contains lots of info on the Warsong Gulch Battleground.
We have created a new page with some basic information and screenshots about the fast-paced B

Requests answered by Blizzard

    [LI] Combat Res. be brought back to Priests - Tigole, Blizzard Representative, responds by saying:[/LI]
    We removed the ability from priests, paladins and shaman for a reason. In our early raid testing of Onyxia, it was still viable

    A Look at the "Burning Crusade"

    Many players may remember the hype when "Burning Crusade" appeared on the U.S Patent Office, registered by Blizzard Co. While this title has not been addressed yet by Blizzard, some suspect in may be the working title for a WoW expansion. Take a look, through the eyes of OGaming Ne

    Azzor Spotlight: Rogues

    We continue our Azzor spotlight... Today: Rogues Thanks to the hard work of staff member Cerias Shadows, Azzor is proud to be home to one of the best Rogue class guides on the internet. Featuring both basic and advanced tactics, the WoW Azzor Rogue guide is an excellent resource of

    Caverns of Time

    Caverns of Time is an upcoming World of Warcraft instance. It can be found southeast of Gadgetzan in Tanaris. [IMGTHUMB=1] The Caverns of Time are the home of Nozdormu, one of the five dragon aspects. A titan blessed him with the aspect of time. Nozdormu is able to in the past, present, and future. Should make for an interesting fight, shoul

    Public Test Realm Opening Soon

    Listed on the Under Development Page of the Official European WoW site:
    Test realm: A public test realm is open for North American, European, and Korean players. Please keep in mind that any changes are still being tested and can be altered, removed or delayed.
    Check it out.

    WoW on G4TV

    G4: Video Game Television featured World of Warcraft on the show "Cheat." recently. The segment is about 5 and a half minutes long. Blizzard made it available for download on their movies page.

    Darkmoon Faire Info

    The official WoW Europe site has new details on the Darkmoon Faire coming in the next patch.
    Step right up and discover the wonders that are part of the Darkmoon Faire! * We have many exotic vendors traveling with the Darkmoon Faire, offering adventurers hard-to-find items from the four corn


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