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WoW Idol Finalists!

The Finalists have been chosen!
The WCRadio special broadcast of the WoW Idol Finalists went quite well tonight. Thanks to the over 150 people who listened in. You may download the songs, read the lyrics, and [I]vote [URL=]at http://wow.azzor.c

New Spell for Paladins

Today, Fangtooth, Blizzard Representative, mentioned that after speaking with the game developers, he was told that they are currently working with a new spell idea to add to the Paladin Class. This spell will allow Paladin players more control over their damage per second (DPS), and will also allow them to finish off fleeing enemies. Becau

Warrior News: Bloodthirst Philosophy

Fangtooth, Blizzard Rep:
The changes to Bloodthirst were done based on the feedback that the developers had been receiving from the Warrior community. When asked as to why they decided to change it, they said it was because many Warriors felt that Bloodthirst in its current condition was not as desirable when compared to Mortal Strike. We h

WoW Idol Finalists

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of the 2005 WoW Idol competition finalists! Over the past two weeks, we have been accepting entries and have narrowed down the selection to seven finalists. These submissions will be airing on a special edition of WoW Radio tonight. Listeners will then be able to vote on the submissions and determine w

MMORPGs gone mainstream?'s Question of the Week, "The MMO Goes 'Mainstream'?", focused heavily on World of Warcraft this week.
The latest Question of the Week asked: "Does the recent success of World of Warcraft indicate that this once primarily hardcore genre is now reaching the mainstream? If not, what needs to hap

Follow-Up: WoW in China

Today, Blizzard commented on the current release of World of Warcraft in China, and they also revelaed the new iCoke - branded World of Warcraft web-site. This website is in Chinese, but click here for a free and easy to use online translator. Blizz

New Topic of the Week!

What do you think of the event system?
Since beta, many players have commented that the World of Warcraft doesn't seem alive (at least to the extent they hoped for). Sara Timberlain is still running out of linen, and has been for the past year. The world of Azeroth is largely stat

US Honor Contest Winners Announced

The valiant forces of Azeroth fought long and hard in the nVidia Test of Honor contest, and their prowess in battle has been reviewed. The top player from each faction on every server during the contest receives a special in-game tabard. You can view the champions of the contest below. We will be conducting the drawing for the physical prize

Final Day for WoW Idol Submissions

Have you sent in your WoW Idol 2005 submission yet? I know many of you are still busy perfecting your songs, but don't wait too long! The deadline for submissions is tonight at 11:59 EST. Be sure to tune in to WCRadio on Saturday, July 2,


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