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RP-PvP Realms Confirmed for both U.S. and Europe

Tyren, Blizzard Representative:
To address the large number of concerns regarding Role Play PvP realms, we would like to confirm that we are preparing Role Play PvP service for our customers in both US and Europe. More details will follow at a later date, but we wanted to address the speculation that RP PvP realms would not be offered in th


    Ahn'Qiraj was announced today by Tigole, Blizzard Representative. This instance will be a massive zone with both interior and exterior elements. The zone is expected to come with Patch 1.9.0, and as more unveils, we will bring it to you. [url=]

    Profiting from MMO Gold

    It's no surprise that gold farming has become pretty frequent in the MMO world. Last year alone, this newfound industry grossed roughly $500 million, according to Bob Kiblinger of UOTreasures. Many may remember Lee Caldwell, the MMORPG scripter that was arrested for supposedly hiring workers in Tijuana to farm gold, and then sold it onli

    WoW Commercial to Air in China

    Jason Hayes, Blizzard Music Composer, created a Music Composition for a Coca-Cola TV Commercial in China featuring World of Warcraft. Blizzard created a 3D rendering of an orc to fight three beautiful Chinese girls disguised as Night Elves. The commercial was synchronized with the official launch of the World of Warcraft China Center.[/quote

    4th of July Fireworks

    Goblin merchants are selling fireworks today throughout Azeroth. From [IMG2=right][/IMG2] "Deep within the cavernous halls of Undermine, goblins labor and toil over their strange and fanciful engineering creations.

    Cross-Server Battlegrounds

    The subject of cross-server battlegrounds was brought up a few days ago, and I missed the Blizzard post about it. Maybe you did too. Tigole's response:
    Yes, we have definitely thought about Cross Server Battlegroun

    Europe to get RP-PvP realm...What about U.S.?

    On the official European WoW Boards, the following was stated by Thundgot, Blizzard Representative, in regards to a new RP-PvP Realm:
    We wish to add a new RP realm, but the current plan is to wait with doing so until we can offer RP PvP realms. Right now we're planning on opening one single RP PvP realm as soon as this realm type is

    Azeroth Advertisement Festival

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    [CLASS=Headline]Azeroth Advertisement Festival[/CLASS] Azzor's July Contest
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    Blizzard Weekly News

    Eyonix, Blizzard Reprensentative, has compiled a list of all the announcements that have been made by the Blizzard Community Team this week. I will abstain from putting links to announcements Azzor has already brought you. Click here,


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